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As a student, I bring focus, effort, and dedication.
I always try my best to get my work done and if I have a problem I’m not scared to ask questions or get help.
I’m very respectful to others and do as much as I can when I can.
As an athlete, I bring hard work, strength, speed, and the will to keep going. I don’t believe in giving up or the phrase (being broken). I refuse to let anyone break me. I will always get back up and try again.

A college coach should pick me because of who I am. I am not the highest-ranked player in the nation nor the state and I am fully aware of that. However, I will play and work as if I was.I have a number one mindset and plan on showing that every chance I get. No one will have to worry about me making terrible decisions because my parents raised me better than that so I have a level head on and off the field.
I am trustworthy rather it is on the field or in an everyday situation. I will never settle for just being “ok” or “not good enough” I will always aim to be better and when I’m good enough I will repeat the process and become better than that!

A championship moment for me is when my team and I accomplished something great, like a big win or even a good practice. I know that I contributed to that and played a big role in that. It feels great knowing that I was a big help to my team and program.

I have many great memories but one of my favorite memories outside of football is when my family went on vacation and spent quality time with one another, a time filled with laughter and no stress.

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